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This is me

Artist Becky Duffin of Slick Oils

I am an artist based in Devon and I started to paint with oil and acrylic. I am quite a versatile artist with a position in abstract, landscape and floral designs across each of my working mediums, but I have since found love in inks and that is my focus at the moment.

I studied Art in my school years, but I hadn’t applied myself for about 9 years or so after that. It wasn’t until my Gran passed away that I was inspired to start up again. I’m so pleased I did as I can certainly see how much I can improve with practice.

In local exhibitions I have showcased in, I have won ‘Best Painting’ on two occasions and had my work displayed in the venues.
I sell both prints and original pieces and you can follow me on

  • Instagram
  • facebook

Instagram @slickoilsart or

Facebook /slickoilsart

If you like what I do, subscribe to my website to stay up to date!


I’m always happy to chat about techniques I’m using and of course, anything else you would like to know!

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