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What Percentage of Isopropyl Alcohol is Best? How Isopropyl Alcohol Percentage Impacts Alcohol Ink Art.

Alcohol ink painting is all about embracing spontaneity and vibrant colours. But did you know that the percentage of isopropyl alcohol you use can totally shake up your artwork?

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What percentage of isopropyl alcohol is best?

Isopropyl alcohol is used as as a blending solution for alcohol inks.

I use 99.9% for my artwork, and I buy it from Amazon. It really helps to create great flow art on the synthetic paper.

Depending on your requirement, the percentage you need will change.

Let's dive into how tweaking this one ingredient can change the game for your alcohol ink creations.

  1. Transparency: The more isopropyl alcohol you mix in, the more transparent your colours become. It's like adding a sheer layer of magic over your canvas, perfect for those dreamy gradients and soft washes. For a deeper colour, use less but bear in mind it wont go as far.

  2. Flow: Want your ink to move well across the page? Higher alcohol percentages make it happen. It's like giving your colours wings, letting them glide and swirl with ease for those dynamic, fluid vibes. Sometimes it's too much if your airbrush/air gun is too strong and they fly right off the sides!

  3. Texture: Dial down the alcohol and watch your ink create texture like never before. Slow evaporation means the pigments have time to play, leaving behind patterns and rich layers of depth. This effect can actually be created with inks such as Kamenskaya's self splitting inks.

  4. Time: Fast or slow, it's up to you. More alcohol equals quicker drying, handy for those impatient artists or when you need to layer up without waiting around. You can also speed up the drying process with a heat gun, just be careful not to hold it too close to your artwork in the same spot for too long.

  5. Colour: Want bold, punchy hues? Keep that alcohol low. But if you're after softer, muted tones, crank up the percentage and watch your colours gently fade into each other. Great for a pastel or soft painting.

In a nutshell, isopropyl alcohol isn't just a sidekick in alcohol ink painting—it's the secret sauce. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different percentages. Play around, see what happens, and let your creativity run wild. After all, that's what alcohol ink art is all about—unleashing the unexpected and embracing the beauty of happy accidents. Hopefully that helps to tell you more about what percentage of isopropyl alcohol is best for your artwork.


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